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Leisure Society

The Fine Art Of Hanging On

Record Store Day 2015 Release Purple velvet vinyl in Gatefold sleeve with two downloadable bonus tracks The Leisure Society release their fourth album The Fine Art of Hanging On via Full Time Hobby The intricate production playing arrangements songwriting and broadranging instrumentation all indicate an outfit at their most purposeful and assured best Alongside an audible new creative peak tied together by a distinct theme The Leisure Society's acclaimed prior trademarks are still present namely Nick Hemming's intensely personal and honest lyrics which adorn the band's warm timeless seamless blend of folk grandiose pop and indie 'The Fine Art of Hanging On' is a recurrent linking theme although this wasn't an intentional concept album' explains Nick 'It's about clinging to something be that a relationship a career or life itself All the way through writing the album a friend of mine was battling cancer I reached out by sending him the rough demos of this album By giving him this access to the work in progress and by him giving feedback we formed a close bond Sadly he lost his battle but his input and presence is there in the album' With 'The Fine Art of Hanging On' the band have perhaps created their most cohesive body of work yet and they have embraced the theme with original artwork once again provided by acclaimed young illustrator Owen Davey a longterm Leisure Society collaborator