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John Cooper Clarke


Dr John Cooper Clarke presents Anthologia, the iconic poet’s first, definitive collection of his work. Anthologia brings together material from a career spanning over 40 years, and incorporates studio versions with music from Martin Hannett and Invisible Girls plus spoken word performances across 3 CDs. The DVD features rare and previously unseen footage dating back to the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1978 through to the more recent Palace Theatre Manchester show from 2014. The booklet contains written tributes from fans and peers including Paul McCartney, Alex Turner, Hugh Cornwell and many more plus liner notes by Nick Kent and stunning photography.

  • Disc: 1
    1. Evidently Chickentown
    2. I Wanna Be Yours
    3. I Travel In Biscuits
    4. Conditional Discharge
    5. Valley Of The Lost Women
    6. I Don't Want To Be Nice
    7. Drive She Said
    8. (I Married A) Monster From Outer Space
    9. A Distant Relation
    10. Midnight Shift
    11. Post - War Glamour Girl
    12. Beasley Street
    13. Readers Wives
    14. Teenage Werewolf
    15. Health Fanatic
    16. Night People
    17. The Day My Pad Went Mad
    18. A Heart Disease Called Love
    19. Limbo (Baby Limbo)

    Disc: 2
    1. (I Married A) Monster From Outer Space (John Peel Session 1978)
    2. Gimmix! Play Loud
    3. Health Fanatic (John Peel Session 1978)
    4. Mustn't Go Down To The Sea Again (Live at Hulme Playhouse 1983)
    5. Spilt Beans (John Peel Session1978)
    6. Twat Hulme (Live at Hulme Playhouse 1983)
    7. Readers Wives (John Peel Session 1978)
    8. The Barber (Live at Hulme Playhouse 1983)
    9. Bronzed Adonis (Live at Hulme Playhouse 1983)
    10. Drive She Said (Live at Hulme Playhouse 1983)
    11. The Scarlet Snow
    12. Never Seen A Nipple In The Daily Express (Live at Hulme Playhouse 1983)
    13. Conditional Discharge (Alternative Mix)

    Disc: 3
    1. Midnight Shift (John Peel Session 1982)
    2. Gaberdine Angus (Live)
    3. Marjorca
    4. The Day My Pad Went Mad (John Peel Session 1982)
    5. Film Extra's Extra (Live at the Manchester Ritz 1978)
    6. I Don't Wanna Be Nice (Alternative Take)
    7. Nothing
    8. Limbo (Baby Limbo) (Live)
    9. Night People (John Peel Session 1982)
    10. Intro and Salome Maloney (Live at the Manchester Ritz 1978)
    11. The Pest (Live at the Manchester Ritz 1978)
    12. Sperm Test (Live at the Manchester Ritz 1978)
    13. (I Married A) Monster From Outer Space (Live at the Manchester Ritz 1978)
    14. He Doesn't Try

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