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Drag City

Ty Segall

Singles 2

You thought Ty Segall's 'Manipulator' was the money album of the year Think again 'Singles 2' is hereA  'Singles 2' sweeps out the ashes of the breakneck days and nights of 2011 2013 and burns down the house all over again in the process but not by accident 'Singles 2' slinks low and flatout sprints behind the scenes of the 'Goodbye Bread' 'Twins' 'Sleeper' trilogy collecting all the nowoutof print sides that totally work amazingly well together when placed backtobacktoback as an album The superdeadly 'Spiders' single is spun again here in full along with the epically pop B sides for 'I Can't Feel It' 'The Hill' and 'Would You Be My Love' Plus there are tracks for other righteous labels too like Permanent Castleface and Famous Class Covering The Groundhogs the Velvets and GG Allin Ty reps for a good array of punk godheads too Between the covers and the originals 'Singles 2' is also a run through the SF 388 scene circa 2010 2013 with various local heroes like King Riff Mike Donovan and Ty himself at the board 'Singles 2' is really about the rush of getting a single for the A side and then finding a total sunshine jewel like 'Children Of Paul' or 'Mother Lemonade' on the flip Or a stonesolid jam on a classic like the complete retooling of 'Femme Fatale' or the Mackaystyle sax bleatings of 'Fucked Up Motherfucker' Closing the album with the seemingly unlikely 'Music For A Film' and the seemingly inevitable 'Pettin The Dog' a mighty hardcore slamming of the lid cleanses the palate for what Another spin probably Singles 2 has been designed to withstand obsessive flipping

  • 1. Spiders
    2. Hand Glams
    3. Cherry Red
    4. Falling Hair
    5. Children of Paul
    6. It's a Problem
    7. Mother Lemonade
    8. For Those Who Weep
    9. Fucked Up Motherfucker
    10. Femme Fatale
    11. Music for a Film
    12. Pettin the Dog

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