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Dead Oceans Records

The Tallest Man on Earth

Wild Hunt

the tallest man on earth released one of 2008's most powerful records one that pitchfork praised calling matsson 'a naturalborn folksinger earnest clever and comforting' 'shallow grave' could not have been more simple just matsson's commanding vocals with an acoustic guitar or banjo recorded at his home in dalarna sweden although the album was released on the swedish label gravitation without the help of widespread distribution the story of the tallest man on earth spread far and wide through word of mouth it is impossible to discuss the tallest man on earth's music without acknowledging bob dylan the seemingly effortlessness the melodic sensibility and the deft lyricism all recall dylan's early years but when you witness the tallest man on earth perform live you are watching a man possessed the energy pours out with every word full of intensity and raw emotion he paces the stage bringing the audience into the palm of his hand completely lost in his songs now comes the tallest man on earth's second lp 'the wild hunt' it is all here the words the voice the melodies ten perfect songs 'the wild hunt' picks up where 'shallow grave' left off with matsson doing what he does best it is unmistakably the tallest man on earth from the urgent strums of 'you're going back' and the sweet melodies of 'love is all' to the playful lyricism of live favourite 'king of spain' and the subtle hook on 'burden of tomorrow' 'the wild hunt' isn't just another folk album this is acoustic rock 'n' roll from a man with a story to tell

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