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  • RMQ1Long Player  £28.00Expected 31st December 2094

Johnny Thunders

So Alone

Thunders' classic debut album remains his magnum opus. Recorded after his post-New York Dolls band, the Heartbreakers, imploded, 'So Alone' features a surprisingly eclectic bunch of backing musicians. It's not just Thunders' punk cronies don't be surprised to find ex-Sex Pistols (Paul Cook and Steve Jones) and ex-Small Faces (Steve Marriott) on the same track (a very cool version of "Daddy Rollin' Stone). It's Thunders album all the way, however, with his sloppy guitar, endearingly nasal vocals, and trash rock roots front and center. The album's masterwork, and Thunders' finest moment, is the aching ballad 'You Can't Put Your Arm Around a Memory.' However, just about everything here, including 'London Boys' (a gleefully catchy response to the Sex Pistols 'New York') and the hilarious cover of the Shangri-Las 'Great Big Kiss' - oozes the best sort of rock and roll attitude. A second disc contains for the first time on vinyl the unreleased title track 'So Alone', a cover of Marc (T. Rex) Bolan's 'The Wizard' which Johnny recorded as an unreleased single b-side and two non-album single tracks 'Dead or Alive' (Johnny's debut solo single a-side) and for the first time in any format since its original release, the single edit of 'You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory' plus its b-side 'Hurtin'.