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Craig Richards

Get Lost VII

Seventh in the Get Lost series is courtesy of Craig Richards, 15 years resident and music programmer at the world famous Fabric Nightclub in London. After the great success of Acid Pauli and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Craig has dug deep to deliver an inspirational mix that is strong contender for mix album of the year. This is Craig’s eighth DJ Mix album, but this is his most personal, spanning the sonic landscape from the late 1980’s to the present day. CD1 is more house and disco orientated, whilst CD2 focuses more of Electro and Techno. The album features hard to find rare gems such as Backroom Productions, Black Rascals, 2House and Kenny Larkin, as well as modern vinyl only treats by Mike Ozone, Ruff Dug, STL and Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold. The mix also features tracks from Craig’s own ground-breaking label: The Nothing Special, with tracks from Trevino, Calibre, dBridge, Keith Tenniswood, Billy Nasty and Craig himself. A fantastic mix album, which you truly can Get Lost to!

  • Disc: 1
    1. Through the Looking Glass - JTC
    2. Blaze Theme Track - Black Rascals
    3. Boing, Boom, Jack (Alexander Robotnick Remix) - Trans Mania
    4. Untitled (Thorny Hill Edit) - Untitled
    5. On and On (Patice Scott - Sistrum Remix) - Raiders of the Lost ARP
    6. Fantasy Princess - Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold
    7. Getter Go - Calibre
    8. Go Techno (Tony Humphries Dub Mix) - 2 House
    9. Revolve - Trevino
    10. Big Cheese from Wisconsin - Steve Bug
    11. Dungeon Man - The Model
    12. Blinkerskate (Her Mix) - Lerosa
    13. Definition of a Track - Backroom Productions
    14. Darnley - dBRm
    15. Sound Barrier - Mark A. Brook
    16. Groove - Kenny Larkin
    17. 1 4 Ron - Ruf Dug
    18. Perfect Systems (Steve Summers Remix) - Mike Ozone
    19. Love Starts With an L - This Side Up

    Disc: 2
    1. Calibus - Spesimen
    2. Reflectie - Pametex
    3. Lodestone (Ideograma Bass Mix) - ERP
    4. Mystisk - Klorex 55
    5. Pa Relax (Jark & Prongo Remix) - Amfibian
    6. Sleeping Rough - Craig Richards
    7. Undesirable Element - DMX Krew
    8. Keep Up - Neil Landstrumm
    9. Wireframe Images - Arpanet
    10. Something Is Raw - STL
    11. Untitled (Jonny Rock Edit) - Unknown
    12. Anti Social Tendencies - Parallax Corporation
    13. Finizh - Redshape
    14. Musical Tentacles - Joey Anderson
    15. Givin' You (Part 3) - Samuel L. Session
    16. Encroachment - Brooks Mosher
    17. Radio 1 - Radio Nasty
    18. Junge Dame Mit Freundliche Telefonstimme - Bangkok Impact

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