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AC DC - Highway To Hell

Books Magazines released in 1979 acdc's highway to hell was the infamous last album recorded with singer bon scott who died of alcohol poisoning in london in february of 1980 officially chalked up to 'death by misadventure' scott's demise has forever secured the albums reputation as a partying primer and a bible for lethal behavior branding the album with the fun chaos of alcoholic excess and its flip side early death the best songs on highway to hell achieve sonic platonism translating rock roll's transcendent ideals in stomping dualguitar and eighthnote bass riffing a paleolithic drum bed and insanely recklessly odd but fun vocals joe bonomo strikes a threechord essay on the power of adolescence the durability of rock roll fandom and the transformative properties of memory why does highway to hell matter to anyone beyond nonironic teenagers blending interviews analysis and memoir with a fans perspective highway to hell dramatizes and celebrates a timeless album that one critic said makes disaster sound like the best fun in the world

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