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33 1/3

Public Enemy - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back

Books Magazines christopher r weingarten provides a thrilling account of how the bomb squad produced such a singularsounding record engineering sampling scratching constructing deconstructing reconstructing even occasionally stomping on vinyl that sounded too clean using production techniques that have never been duplicated the bomb squad plundered and reconfigured their own compositions to make frenetic splatter collages they played samples by hand together in a room like a rock band to create a 'not quite right' tension they handpicked their samples from only the ugliest squawks and sirens weingarten treats the samples used on nation of millions as molecules of a greater whole slivers of music that retain their own secret histories and folk traditions can the essence of a hiphop record be found in the motives emotions and energies of the artists it samples is it likely that something an artist intended 20 years ago would reemerge anew this is a compelling and thoroughly researched investigation that tells the story of one of hiphop' s landmark albums

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