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Choir Of Young Believers


It was the end of 2013 and Jannis Noya Makrigiannis the frontman and principal persona behind Choir of Young Believers was worn out He'd been touring the band's last record the haunting 'Rhine Gold' for the better part of a year and when it was over he felt confused adrift and didn't feel like playing music He was doubting the future of the band The way he coped was to detach He postponed writing in favor of traveling deciding that instead of diving back into the creation of another record he would allow himself to move in whatever direction he desired His impulses guided his decisions he wasn't feeling very inspired by the guitar or the piano so he started to fiddle around with a small pocket sampler his mother got him for Christmas using it to make small soundscapes beats and collages Those early experiments became the building blocks for 'Grasque' from the warped weird choral vocals that open 'Serious Lover' to breezey breathy RampB of 'Jeg Ser Dig' on which he sounds like a Scandinavian Sade The album is confident and expansive incorporating an encyclopedia of styles while still maintaining the essential elements of Choir of Young Believers' DNA It's pop music put through a kaleidoscopic filter

  • 1. Olimpiyskiy
    2. Serious Lover
    3. Vaserne
    4. Face Melting
    5. Græske
    6. Jeg Ser Dig
    7. Cloud Nine
    8. The Whirlpool Enigma
    9. Perfect Estocada
    10. Salvatore
    11. Gamma Moth
    12. Does It Look As If I Care

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