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Small Faces

Ogden's Nut Gone Flake

With the full co-operation of both surviving members, Kenney Jones and Ian McLagan, the last five years have seen a massive programme of tape recovery and upgrading. Masters have been pulled in from all over the world, including Immediate label multi-tracks from the Kenney Jones and Charly Records archives. Using these, it is now possible to represent all of the Small Faces' original albums sounding better than at any time since the sixties and to add a whole host of newly discovered tracks and alternative versions. The new editions will also feature original artwork and contemporary photos and publicity material alongside comprehensive new notes by band experts.

'Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake', recorded in late 1967 and early 1968, and released in the summer of that year, is by far and away the Small Faces' best-known and most successful album. Alongside classic tracks like 'Lazy Sunday', 'Afterglow' and 'Rollin' Over', it even added a conceptual twist with the story of 'Happiness Stan' and the narrations of Stanley Unwin. Loved also for its crazy round packaging, the record represents the band's finest hour, though soon after its release the Small Faces were no more, having morphed into the Faces and Humble Pie.

This deluxe digibook 2CD edition of the album features the newly re-mastered mono mix of the original album plus a second disc of previously unreleased rarities and alternate versions.

  • Disc: 1
    1. Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
    2. Afterglow (Of Your Love)
    3. Long Agos and Worlds Apart
    4. Rene
    5. Song of a Baker
    6. Lazy Sunday
    7. Happiness Stan
    8. Rollin' Over
    9. The Hungry Intruder
    10. The Journey
    11. Mad John
    12. Happy Days Toy Town

    Disc: 2
    1. Ogden's Nut Gone Flake (Early Session Version)
    2. Afterglow (Alternate USA Mix)
    3. Long Agos and Worlds Apart (Alternate USA Mix)
    4. Rene (Early Session Mix)
    5. Song of a Baker (Alternate USA Mix)
    6. Lazy Sunday (Alternate USA Mix)
    7. Happiness Stan (Backing Track)
    8. Bun in the Oven (Early Session Mix)
    9. The Fly (Instrumental Version)
    10. Mad John (Early Session Version - Take 7)
    11. Happy Days Toy Town (Alternate USA Mix)
    12. Kamikhazi (Backing Track Version - Take 7)
    13. Every Little Bit Hurts (Early Session Mix)
    14. Ogden's Nut Gone Flake (Alternate Take Phased Mix)