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Record Store Day 2016

Stones Throw Records

You Can't Beat the Classics


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Blaufield Music

Booka Shade

Galyany Street

Long before Booka Shade became one of the most successful international dance music acts of the last 10 years, Arno Kammermeier and Walter Merziger formed a new wave pop band in the early 90s, signed a record deal in 1992 and released 2 albums under the name Planet Claire. Galvany Street marks the return to their pop roots in collaboration with former Archive singer Craig Walker and a few additional guests like Urdur (GusGus), Australian Yates and Daniel Spencer from London. Mark Plati, known for his production and mixing with David Bowie, The Cure, Prince and many others worked on Digging A Hole, Eyes Open and All Falls Down. Fritz Hilpert, mix engineer and electronic musician, a friend of Booka Shade, got involved with the final mix for All Falls Down. If you think you know exactly what to expect from Booka Shade, Galvany Street will prove you wrong. One of the strongest points of Galvany Street is the fact, that many of these songs instantly create a feeling of familiarity, grab you, build an emotional connection and feel like songs that have been with you for years. At the same time the album sounds extremely fresh and 2017.

  • 1. Babylon (with Craig Walker & Urdur) (Single Version)
    2. Changes (with Craig Walker)
    3. Broken Skin (with Daniel Spencer) (Exclusive Deluxe CD Version)
    4. Eyes Open (with Craig Walker) (Exclusive Deluxe CD Version)
    5. Babylon (with Craig Walker & Urdur) (Extended Version)
    6. LP
    7. Side One
    8. A1. Digging A Hole (with Craig Walker)
    9. A2. Numb The Pain (with Craig Walker)
    10. A3. Magnolia
    11. A4. Broken Skin (with Daniel Spencer)
    12. A5. Peak (with Yates)
    13. Side Two
    14. B1. Babylon (with Craig Walker & Urdur)
    15. B2. Eyes Open (with Craig Walker)
    16. B3. Loneliest Boy (with Craig Walker)
    17. B4. All Falls Down (with Craig Walker)
    18. B5. All Of This And Nothing (with Craig Walker)

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