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  • SLANG50121LTXLong Player  £18.00Expected 25th August 2017

    Limited Version on Red Vinyl with Notes From The Outer Ring which is an 18-page fanzine including writings by Erika. Plus 2 button badges and City Slang sampler CD.

  • SLANG50121LTLong Player  £18.00Expected 25th August 2017

    Limited Red Vinyl.

  • SLANG50121LPLong Player  £18.00Expected 25th August 2017

    Black Vinyl.


City Slang


Exile In the Outer Ring

After the success of 2011#s Past Life Martyred Saints and 2014#s prophetic The Future#s Void, Ema retreated to a basement in Portland, Oregon # a generic apartment complex in a non-trendy neighbourhood, with beige carpeting and cheap slat blinds. Now, she returns, with a portrait of The Outer Ring A pitch-black world of dark night highways, American flags hung over basement windows, jails and revival meetings and casinos and rage. In a year dominated by white working-class alienation and anger, Ema # a Midwesterner who never lost her thousand-yard stare - has delivered an album that renders Middle American poverty and resentment with frightening realism and deep empathy. The album, co-produced with Jacob Portrait of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, is a return to Ema#s roots in the noise-folk outfit Gowns, whose 2007 album Red State prefigured many of Exile#s core themes, along with its mix of stripped-back folk (Always Bleeds, originally a Gowns song), spoken word (Where the Darkness Began) and noise epics (Breathalyzer). The album is unique in its mingling of gender politics with American working-class anxiety. The voices we hear in these songs - druggy, surly societal outcasts Byronic nihilists bringing down fire - speak to a kind of rebellion that#s typically reserved for men, and the archetype of the #dirtbag teenage boy# dominates the album. The result is a deeply personal, confrontational, but ultimately redemptive album from a quintessentially American artist at the peak of her form.

  • 1. 7 Years
    2. Breathalyzer
    3. I Wanna Destroy
    4. Blood and Chalk
    5. Down and Out
    6. Fire Water Air LSD
    7. Aryan Nation
    8. 33 Nihilistic and Female
    9. Receive Love
    10. Always Bleeds
    11. Where the Darkness Began

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