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Future Islands

In Evening Air

'in evening air' marks the first fulllength release from future islands since moving to baltimore and also their first fulllength release as a focused three piece however there's no lack of spirit in this paring down more so there's a greater intensity and eye to detail than we have yet witnessed from the group these changes are felt and heard 'in evening air' takes us and swirls us around those feelings of growing outside of one's city and one's self it moves through gripping loss and the search for peace from a heavy head with an ease and understanding where there was none with production by chester endersby gwazda future islands fuses together their poetry with a dynamic musical range traveling from the slow burn to the highly ecstatic while holding on to the quill and not letting go these songs are answers they are born from fire and pain yet are filled with light acting as breathless testaments to love and it's consequences but this isn't just a group of songs this is a book of stories from darkly quiescent and imaginative tales to the passionate burnings of a searching heart from the fear of being misunderstood and coming to terms with the loss of love future islands speaks a language of forever and always with an honesty that falls but never touches the ground on thrill jockey

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