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In Rainbows

It’s very likely that even if you haven’t heard the contents of Radiohead’s seventh album, you’ll be aware of its existence. Released as a digital download by the band themselves before a CD release was even considered, In Rainbows was lauded for innovation before a note of music was heard. Luckily, the music matches the hype--it takes the best part of Radiohead's previous works and advances the formula even further. While the opener "15 Step"--all skittering drum patterns and dub-style bass--may hark back to the electronica of Kid A, the sound soon gives way to a more guitar-based sound. Whilst not as musically heavy as previous albums, the tunes are far more focused and passionate--"Bodysnatchers" is based around a hypnotic, distorted bass riff, while the beautiful string-drenched "Nude" is a true Radiohead classic. Lyrically, like Thom Yorke’s solo album The Eraser, the lyrics are sketches of suburban paranoia, and the eerie sense of things no! t being quite right. This is especially true on the piano-based closer "Videotape", which poignantly details a man watching his life’s achievements in his final moments. In short, In Rainbows is another masterpiece from the Oxford quintet.

  • 1. 15 Step
    2. Bodysnatchers
    3. Nude
    4. Medley: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    5. All I Need
    6. Faust Arp
    7. Reckoner
    8. House Of Cards
    9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
    10. Videotape
    11. MK 1
    12. Down Is The New Up
    13. Go Slowly
    14. MK 2
    15. Last Flowers
    16. Up On The Ladder
    17. Bangers And Mash
    18. 4 Minute Warning

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