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  • VMD79259CD  £7.00



Folk back in stock john fahey's extended experimentations decades later with avantgarde's music elite is foreshadowed on 1967's adventurous requia these moody contemplative instrumental works all featuring fahey at his guitarplaying peak resonate with passion artistry and most of allsoul when the catfish is in bloom gradually crescendoes with fahey's increasing breakneck tempo whicharound the sixminute markbecomes a blur of impossible fingerpicking that is both aweinspiring and swinging in the first part of requiem for molly the listener is bombarded by sound samples and tape loops with fahey slowly finding his chords but the guitarist doesn't just noodle he lets the composition slowly unfold with humorous foundsound samples abounding and enough familiar guitar themes creeping up to keep you on guard by part three fahey reaches his most melancholy moment letting out a methodical rendition of california dreaming on top of lion roars and human screams though fahey's playing influenced an entire generation of talented young guitar pickers including leo kottke his conceptual prowess goes unmatched here a truly seminal recording