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Fela Kuti: The Reissues


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Two Two

Bikini Atoll

Two Two's Bikini Atoll is the great lost Chiswick album. It now appears in an expanded form, including all the non-LP tracks and one previously unissued recording. Before World Music was World Music, Two Two were utilising African rhythms and language, blending them with reggae and rock to make a unique blend of contemporary pop. Their debut single Insufficient Data a sparkling disco funk outing preceded that other duo Wham by a year, but was a shuttlecock short of a chart position. But it did garner Sounds Single of the Week knocks spots off Spands. The distinctly African Kwagayo featured the fabulous South African Xdonga backing vocals of Stevie Lange and the NME loved it singing and swinging quite delightfully . The third single was a wry commentary on the Deborah Kerr, Stuart Granger movie of Rider Haggard's book King Solomon's Mines and once more NME really enjoyed it rousing chorus and coolly humorous lyrical sensibility. Most of the album was produced by Clash studio engineer Jeremy Green and among the session players are Annie Whitehead and Vincent Crane. The lack of UK chart success meant the album was only issued in Germany, so finally here is the chance to hear some great, original, hidden pop music from the early 80s.

  • 1. Kwagayo
    2. Emily & Lisa
    3. Li-Lo
    4. Alone Tonight
    5. Insufficient Data
    6. Swim The Indian Ocean
    7. Just We Three
    8. Pijin Billy
    9. Kay Leave Me Alone
    10. Food For The Belly
    11. Pizza!
    12. King Solomon's Mines
    13. Ngini Namna Hii (Xdonga)
    14. Lunch In The Atmosphere
    15. Africa (Living In The Headline)
    16. Ivory
    17. Meanwhile...