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The Black Keys

Records of the Month - January 2014

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Fat Possum

Black Keys

Rubber Factory

Fantastic album from the acclaimed guitar and drum, Delta blues-infused rock duo from Akron, Ohio, The Black Keys. The album takes a few listens to get into - mainly down to the fact that the songs are, in general, quite understated rather than big catchy blues numbers, that grab you on first listen, but you're bored of within a week. A swaggering blues rock masterpiece!!

  • 1. When The Lights Go Out
    2. 10 AM Automatic
    3. Just Couldn’t Tie Me Down
    4. All Hands Against His Own
    5. The Depressed Man
    6. Girl Is On My Mind
    7. The Lengths
    8. Grown So Ugly
    9. Stack Shot Billy
    10. Act Nice And Gentle
    11. Aeroplane Blues
    12. Keep Me
    13. Till I Get My Way

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