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Free Your Mind...And Your Ass Will Follow

60s 70s Soul Funk back in stock on vinyl in a gatefold sleeve funkadelic's selftitled debut may have touched upon druginduced acid rock but on their 1970 followup 'free your mind and your ass will follow' the band blows the door off its hinges look no further than the albumopening tenminute title track perhaps the most spaced out composition witnessed by rock and roll since the rolling stones' late'60s psychedelicphase for the proof tracks such as 'friday night august 14th' 'funky dollar bill' and 'i wanna know if it's good to you' are all highlights the band locking into one killer funk groove after another the haunting and tranquil 'eulogy and light' closes the album with a fusion of backwards singing and gospellike speech a fitting end to funkadelic's most 'out there' recording

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