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Infectious Music

Alt - J

This Is All Yours

Alt-J release their second album, 'This Is All Yours'. The follow-up to 2012's 'An Awesome Wave', which won the Mercury music prize, is released on Infectious Music. The band's 13-track collection will be their first release since shrinking from a four-piece to a trio. Gwil Sainsbury, who co-founded the group in Leeds, left the group in January. The band have produced an album of labyrinthine art-pop that draws on, among other things, Cyrus's Bangerz, KRS One's 'Sound of da Police', Iris Murdoch's dementia, the deer loving Japanese city of Nara and the chest rupturing scene from Alien. It's full of bold ideas, Joe Newman's extraordinary voice, well crafted beats and beauty. This is a sumptuous and bold second record.

LP - Double Vinyl set that will be a random lucky dip of either red, blue, green or yellow vinyl.

  • 1. Intro
    2. Arrival in Nara
    3. Nara
    4 Every Other Freckle
    5 Left Hand Free
    6 Garden of England
    7 Choice Kingdom
    8 Hunger Of The Pine
    9 Warm Foothills
    10 The Gospel of John Hurt
    11 Pusher
    12 Bloodflood pt.II
    13 Leaving Nara

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