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  • LB5039CDCD  £10.00

Luaka Bop

William Onyeabor


“The artists who cover the material do a really good job, and their interpretation of the music is fantastic, the music is superb. “Body and Soul (Remix)” by David Terranova is my favourite of the three Body and Soul covers. The track has a smooth nu-jazz/house feel that is reminiscent of St. Germain’s Touristalbum; it hypnotically grooves along for nearly 8 minutes. The remix of the The Vaccines “Do You Want A Man (John Hill, Rich Costey Remix)” is full value. The addition of that Onyeabor flair really adds a thump and groove to this song. “Ye Ye (Remix)” by Daphini is slightly darker in tone as compared to the rest of the album, but the pulsing bass really pushes this track forward, which allows the synth sounds to really envelope the sonic environment. This album is perfect for the onset of summer. There are plenty of tracks to keep the party rolling.”

Fantastic interpretations by Hot Chip, Optimo, Joakim and more! Remixes by Daphni, Scientist, Justin Stauss and even more all done as a part of the Luaka Bop/ MOOG Remix Project. Based on tracks from the best selling William Onyeabor album.

  • 1. Atomic Bomb - Hot Chip (cover)
    2. Do You Want A Man - The Vaccines - (John Hill & Rich Costey remix)
    3. Body and Soul - Justin Strauss & Brian Mette (whatever/whatever remix)
    4. Good Name - Joakim feat. Akwetey (Dragons of Zynth) (remix)
    5. Why Go To War? - JD Twitch (cover)
    6. Ye Ye - Daphni (re-work of When The Going is Smooth and Good)
    7. Heaven And Hell - Javelin (remix)
    8. Body and Soul - David Terranova (remix)
    9. Something You Will Never Forget - Policy (remix)
    10. Body and Soul - Scientist (remix)

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