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The Black Keys

Nick Cave: The Bad Seed


  • CDWIKD132CD  £10.00

Vengeance Records

The Cramps

Rockin n Reelin in Auckland New Zealand

Garage back in stock though the cramps released no new records in the late '80s they never broke up in fact the band spent its time touring the world introducing new audiences to its singular brand of trashy reverbsplattered and rockabillyinfluenced swamp rock recorded in august 1986 in the titular city this scorching live album is a fine document of this era in the band's long career the set covers about half of the thencurrent a date with elvis album and reaches new peaks of delirium on wild versions of 'the hot pearl snatch' 'can your pussy do the dog' and 'what's inside a girl' that blow away the studio counterparts

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