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Sub Pop

Avi Buffalo

At Best Cuckold

America Canada Rough Trade Exclusive with a bonus CD featuring four tracks recorded especially for us Has it really been four and a half years since the debut 'Avi Buffalo' Time flies but Rough Trade Shops never forgot about greatness and hearing 'What's in it' for the first time 'At Best Cuckold' is the new 10 track album again on Sub Pop and it's a glorious sunshine pop album Within seconds of opening cut 'So What' you are are hit with a stunning sun baked pop song with a warm and vibrant edge It's instant and joyous 'At Best Cuckold' is a quirky yet comforting set of songs driven by refined pop songcraft and sneaky moments of grandeur that stick in the brain Classicsounding melodies are delivered with a modern sensibility creating an album that's equal parts timely and timeless Wellplaced piano sax clarinet French horn and cornet further enhance the proceedings with a glorious orchpop sheen Bandleader AviZahnerIsenberg produced the record which was recorded at various locales in San Francisco Los Angeles and New YorkLP Limited Edition Loser edition on Clear vinyl plus Download and Bonus CDCD With Bonus CDMP3 Download No Bonus

  • 1. So What
    2. Memories of You
    3. Can't Be Too Responsible
    4. Two Cherished Understandings
    5. Overwhelmed With Pride
    6. Found Blind
    7. She Is Seventeen
    8. Think It's Gonna Happen Again
    9. Oxygen Tank
    10. Won't Be Around No More

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