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Let Them Eat Vinyl


Bloodied But Unbowed

Punk Hardcore 1000 Copies only on Red vinyl Drawing from the band's first two albums as well as a variety of singles and other releases 'Bloodied But Unbowed' is the perfect way to take the plunge into DOA's world where punk is forever a guiding light for blunt and brusque trashings of the status quo Whether it was the band's Canadian roots that enabled them to create such a cutting rip into early'80s America from an outside perspective or just simply a natural anger coming forth the sentiments of 'Fucked Up Ronnie' and 'World War 3' burn loud and hot

  • 1. Fuck You
    2. Rich Bitch
    3. The Prisoner
    4. Unknown
    5. Smash the State
    6. Slumlord
    7. New Age
    8. I Don't Give a Shit
    9. Waiting for You
    10. Watcha Gonna Do?
    11. World War 3
    12. 2 + 2
    13. The Enemy
    14. Fucked up Ronnie
    15. Woke up Screaming
    16. 001 Loser's Club
    17. 13
    18. Get Out of My Life
    19. D.O.A.

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