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    Limited edition white coloured vinyl version.


Bella Union

Beach House

Depression Cherry

America Canada Beach House release 'Depression Cherry' the band's fifth album on Bella Union 'Depression Cherry' was produced and recorded by the band and Chris Coady at Studio in the Country in Bogalusa Louisiana This record shows a return to simplicity with songs structured around a melody and a few instruments with live drums playing a far lesser role With the growing success of 'Teen Dream' and 'Bloom' the larger stages and bigger rooms naturally drove them towards a louder more aggressive place a place farther from their natural tendencies LP Black Vinyl in sumptuous red velvet sleeve with CD VersionLP Limited Clear Vinyl in sumptuous red velvet sleeve with CD Version Only Rough Trade and Bella Union have this colour2LP Limited White Vinyl in sumptuous red velvet sleeve with CD Version Indie shops It is a single LP despite saying 2LPCD Housed in sumptuous red velvet sleeve

  • 1. Levitation
    2. Sparks
    3. Space Song
    4. Beyond Love
    5. 10:37
    6. PPP
    7. Wildflower
    8. Bluebird
    9. Days of Candy

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