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  • WARPCD266CD  £10.00Expected 13th November 2015

  • WARPLP2662 x Long Player  £18.00Expected 13th November 2015


Oneohtrix Point Never

Garden of Delete

Oneohtrix Point Never's second LP released through Warp Records sees a continuation of the incredible, cinematic sound design for which composer/producer Daniel Lopatin has gained a reputation during his career. Through Garden Of Delete, he finds new inspiration in Ezra, an apparent eternally teen-aged alien figure and sort of new mascot for the record that Lopatin wrote about in an entry on his official website earlier this month. Expect distorted vocals, razor-sharp synth blasts, and an injection of hypergrunge - all underpinned by OPN's unmistakeable production.

  • 1. Intro
    2. Ezra
    3. ECCOJAMC1
    4. Sticky Drama
    5. SDFK
    6. Mutant Standard
    7. Child of Rage
    8. Animals
    9. I Bite Through It
    10. Freaky Eyes
    11. Lift
    12. No Good

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