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Bella Union

Father John Misty

Fear Fun

We’d like to introduce you to Father John Misty, the new project from Josh Tillman. Bella Union will release the album, ‘Fear Fun‘, on April 30th 2012.

When discussing ‘Father John Misty’, Tillman paraphrases Philip Roth: ‘It’s all of me and none of me, if you can’t see that, you won’t get it’. What I call it is totally arbitrary, but I like the name. You’ve got to have a name. I never got to choose mine.”

He goes on, “‘People who make records are afforded this assumption by the culture that their music is coming from an exclusively personal place, but more often than not what you hear are actually the affectations of an ‘alter-ego’ or a cartoon of an emotionally heightened persona,” says Josh Tillman, who has been recording/releasing solo albums since 2003 and who recently left Seattle’s Fleet Foxes after playing drums from 2008-2011. “That kind of emotional quotient isn’t sustainable if your concern is portraying a human-being made up of more than just chest-beating pathos. I see a lot of rampant, sexless, male-fantasy everywhere in the music around me. I didn’t want any alter-egos, any vagaries, fantasy, escapism, any over-wrought sentimentality. I like humor and sex and mischief. So when you think about it, it’s kind of mischievous to write about yourself in a plain-spoken, kind of explicitly obvious way and call it something like ‘Misty’. I mean, I may as well have called it ‘Steve’.”

  • 01 Fun Times In Babylon (3:39)
    02 Nancy From Now On (3:54)
    03 Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings (3:11)
    04 Writing A Novel (3:35)
    05 O I Long To Feel Your Arms Around Me (2:23)
    06 Misty's Nightmares 1 & 2 (3:13)
    07 Only Son Of The Ladies' Man (4:09)
    08 This Is Sally Hatchet (3:58)
    09 Well, You Can Do It Without Me (2:43)
    10 Now I'm Learning To Love The War (4:17)
    11 Tee-Pee's 1-12 (3:17)
    12 Every Man Needs A Companion (5:20)

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