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Various Artists

Tighten Up Vol. 2

ReggaeDub 1969 proved a pivotal year for Trojan and reggae as a whole In the month's following the company's launch the previous summer it was fast becoming a major force on the British music scene its success propelled by the spending power of a new powerful demographic that was successfully bringing reggae into the mainstream consciousness skinheads and as the year was coming to a close Trojan released a 12 track budgetpriced set that would become an era defining collection and one of the most popular and influential Jamaican music album's of all time 'Tighten Up Volume 2' to be seen with the album sleeve under your arm was the height of fashion in 1969 Defiantly diverse the second volume of Trojan's legendary tighten up series has something for everyone and hits galore Instrumentals were popular in the day and this set boasts three a pair of Upsetters classics 'Return of Django' and 'Live Injection' and Clancy Eccles' bouncy 'Fire Corner' a showcase for DJ King Stitt known affectionately as the ugly one the soul sisters for one were willing to take on an ugly one or any other man for that matter on the lewd hit 'Wreck a Buddy' a tart reply to Prince Buster's 'Wreck a Pum Pum' with both songs abusing the melody from 'Little Drummer Boy' Clancy Eccles back again was more discerning showering his affection on a jumbosized lady on the infectious 'Fattie Fattie' Dandy Livingstone meanwhile gave a whole new suggestive meaning to the term reggae with his anthemic 'Reggae in Your Jeggae' For those of a more romantic nature Joya Landis offered up the sultry 'Moonlight Lover' while the Bleechers showed off their seduction technique on 'Come into my Parlour' The Pioneers and the soulmates offered up equally fabulous harmonies on the classic 'Long Shot Kick de Bucke' and the exuberant 'Them a Laugh' and 'A Ki Ki' respectively The Kingstonians were just as dulcet on 'Sufferer' a suitably sufferer's song but still set to a ludicrously upbeat melody Rudy Mills' 'John Jones' is just as jaunty but his suffering is caused by a bully not by poverty volume two runs the gamut both musically and thematically bundling up some of the best reggae releases of that year LP 180 Gram Vinyl2CD Now Forty years after its original release this seminal LP finally receives the treatment worthy of such an historic release Supplementing the original dozen tracks are their respective b sides along with a further 24 tracks released by Trojan from January to August '1969 the period during which those on the LP originally saw issue as singles In total these glorious 48 tracks represent the very best of Trojan's output during what has since proved to be a decisive year in the history of Reggae music

  • 1. Long Shot Kick De Bucket - The Pioneers
    2. John Jones - Rudy Mills
    3. Fire Corner - King Stitt, The Dynamites
    4. Wreck A Buddy - The Soul Sisters
    5. Reggae In Your Jeggae - Dandy
    6. Fattie Fattie - Clancy Eccles
    7. Return Of Django - The Upsetters
    8. Sufferer - The Kingstonians
    9. Moonlight Lover - Joya Landis
    10. Come Into My Parlour - Bleechers
    11. Them A Laugh And A Kiki - The Soulmates
    12. Live Injection - The Upsetters
    13. Jumping The Gun - Rico And The Rudies
    14. A Place Called Happiness - Rudy Mills
    15. John Public (Tom Hark) - The Dynamites
    16. Push It In - The Versatiles
    17. Reggae Shuffle - The Pyramids
    18. Tribute To Drumbago (aka Last Call) - The Dynamites
    19. Dollar In The Teeth - The Upsetters
    20. Kiss A Finger - The Kingstonians
    21. Love You True - Joya Landis
    22. Dry Up Your Tears - The Mellotones
    23. The Hippy's Are Here - The Hippy Boys
    24. Everything For Fun - Bleechers

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