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Complete Works

Krautrock Gronland Records release a careerspanning 5vinyl box set from Harmonia the krautrock supergroup comprising members of Cluster and Neu and sometime collaborator Brian Eno 'Complete Works' includes remasters of studio albums 'Musik Von Harmonia' and 'Deluxe' the Brian Eno collaboration 'Track and Traces' live album 'Live 1974' and the previously unreleased 'Documents 1975' comprising recordings from Hamburg gigs and two songs recorded at the band's Forst HQ There's also a 36page booklet live poster popup artwork and download codes

  • Musik von Harmonia
    1. Watussi
    2. Sehr Kosmisch
    3. Sonnenschein
    4. Dino
    5. Ohrwurm
    6. Ahoi
    7. Veterano
    8. Hausmusik

    1. Deluxe (Immer Wieder)
    2. Walky-Talky
    3. Monza (Rauf Und Runter)
    4. Notre Dame
    5. Gollum
    6. Kekse

    Live 1974
    1. Schaumburg
    2. Veteranissimo
    3. Arabesque
    4. Holta-Polta
    5. Ueber Ottenstein

    Tracks and Traces reissue
    1. Welcome
    2. Atmosphere
    3. Vamos Companeros
    4. By The Riverside
    5. Luneburg Heath
    6. Sometimes in Autumn
    7. Weird Dream
    8. Almost
    9. Les Demoiselles
    10. When Shade Was Born
    11. Trace
    12. Aubade

    Documents 1975
    1. Tiki-Take at Harmonia Studio in Forst
    2. Live at Onkel Pö in Hamburg
    3. Proto-Deluxe at Harmonia Studio in Forst
    4. Live at Fabrik in Hamburg

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