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Tighten Up Vol.1

ReggaeDub By the time 'Tighten Up' was released in early 1969 and only operating since July of 1968 Trojan Records of the UK had released a staggering 108 singles and 25 albums to a voracious cosmopolitan British public But Trojan knew that they needed a way to expand the nation's knowledge of their excellent catalogue so they hastily puttogether this 12track ragbag of 7 singles as a compilation priced it cheap 14 schillings and 6 old pence put a lovely fetching cover on it and plopped it into the racks of every Woolworths store across the land Named after the opening song on Side 1 by The Untouchables by their own admission Trojan hadn't expected much of 'Tighten Up' Happily for them and us they were wrong It sold in large quantities and was hugely influential in introducing reggae music not just to the youth of Britain but to many other countries as well It became a genuine phenomenon It also features Byron Lee Joyce Bond George Penny The Uniques Joya Landis and moreLP 180 Gram Vinyl

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