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The Brian Jonestown Massacre


America Canada on 180 gram double vinyl aufheben or aufhebung is a german word with several seemingly contradictory meanings including 'to lift up' 'to abolish' or 'to sublate' the term has also been defined as 'abolish' 'preserve' and 'transcend' in philosophy aufheben is used by hegel to explain what happens when a thesis and antithesis interact a brand new album by the brian jonestown massacre recorded in berlin in anton newcombe's studio and the infamous east german radio station studio east featuring matt hollywood an original member of the band it also features will carruthers spacemen 3 spritualized constatine karlis dimmer and thibault pesenti rockcandys plus vocal performances by eliza karmasalo in finnish this album brings the traditional brian jonestown massacre sound mixed with eastern influences and bringing it up to date with the benefit of all the additional weirdness that's been discovered in the past 40 years

  • 1. Panic in Babylon
    2. Viholliseni Maalla
    3. Gaz Hilarant
    4. Illuminomi
    5. I Want To Hold Your Other Hand
    6. Face Down On The Moon
    7. The Clouds Are Lies
    8. Stairway To The Best Party Of The Universe
    9. Seven Kinds Of Wonderful
    10. Waking Up To Hand Grenades
    11. Blue Order / New Monday

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