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British European Already primed following the release of the transitionalnbsp 'Sunne' and 'Murasaki' EP's earlier this year Cheatahs return with their second album 'Mythologies' Culled from North America Germany and the UK this multinational quartet continue theirnbsp journey following 2014's acclaimed selftitled album Ever evolving from their inception 'Mythologies' is witness to a band that has developed in the interim attributed in no small part to a touring itinerary that traversed the US in threepronged aural attack with likeminded sonic souls Wavves and FIDLAR Meanwhile no less busy this side of the Atlantic saw triumphant dates with No Age and a seemingly never ending European jaunt with Metz which brings us to'Mythologies' Recorded over the past year and in hand with their debut 'Mythologies' takes in a vast array of influences whilst taking its name from Roland Barthes' 1957 collection of essays on semiotics and myth A rollercoaster of sonic thrills the cinematic widescreen brilliance of 'Channel View' the motoric rhythms of 'In Flux' the cascading sonic beauty of 'Freak Waves' or the scintillating beauty ofnbsp 'Seven Sisters' andnbsp 'Signs To Lorelei' before the seismic surge finale of album closers 'Mysteci' andnbsp 'Reverie Bravo' it's a marked and ambitious departure The newfound sense of freedom has inspired and certainly influenced the selfproduced 'Mythologies' Recorded at various locations in London Marc's studio home a monolithic highrise next to MI5 headquarters overlooking the Thames one floor above offices that once housed antiterrorist units in the 60's a converted church in Ramsgate and the fablednbsp environs of Chemikal Underground's Glasgow studio Chem19nbsp

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