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  • D000436701Long Player  £20.00

  • 47202812 x Long Player  £28.00Expected 25th September 2015



60s 70s Double 180 Gram Vinyl Mastered by Bob Ludwig Halfspeed lacquers cut at Abbey Road Studios 'Innuendo' is the fourteenth studio album by Queen Released in February 1991 it was the final studio album to be released in Freddie Mercury's lifetime and is the last to be composed entirely of new material Starting with the sixminute epic 'Innuendo' and ending with the powerful 'The Show Must Go On' this album is a must have for any Queen fan

  • 1. Innuendo
    2. I'm Going Slightly Mad
    3. Headlong
    4. I Can't Live With You
    5. Don't Try So Hard
    6. Ride The Wild Wind
    7. All God's People
    8. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
    9. Delilah
    10. The Hitman
    11. Bijou
    12. The Show Must Go On

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