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Red House Painters

Red House Painters (Rollercoaster)

America Canada 180 Gram Vinyl with Download The second album by Red House Painters was originally released in spring 1993 by 4AD Eight songs left over from the recording sessions would make up the band's second selftitled album Mark Kozelek's lyrics focus on themes of pain desolation and loss while musically the album runs from the folkpop of 'Grace Cathedral Park' to the shoegaze of 'Mistress' to the stark 'New Jersey' and onto the soundscapes of 'Funhouse' and 'Mother' The Red House Painters sound is comprised of acoustic and light electric or clean tone guitar textures a simple yet solid rhythmic foundation and Kozelek's unique expressive voice singing tormented words of sadness isolation and dispossession The result is music that conveys heartfelt emotions through a strikingly honest and genuine delivery There is nothing technically complicated about this music It is deeply stimulating work in instrumental and compositional sparseness carrying an elegant plainspoken charm

  • 1. Evil
    2. Bubble
    3. I Am a Rock
    4. Helicopter
    5. New Jersey
    6. Uncle Joe
    7. Blindfold
    8. Star Spangled Banner
    9. New Jersey
    10. Dragonflies
    11. Mistress (Piano Version)
    12. Mother
    13. Strawberry Hill
    14. Brown Eyes

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