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  • 08256461287472 x Long Player  £22.00


Orbital 1 (Green Album)

British European Double 180 Gram Vinyl In the late 1980s as American house and techno imports flooded Britain and the Acid House movement was sweeping the nation brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll were busy building Britain's own interpretation of the sound Named for the illegal 'Orbital' raves taking place around the M25 they dragged their equipment from party to party playing live PAs of their homegrown dance music to enthusiastic crowds of revellers Their 1990 single 'Chime' was and still is the anthem of many a British raver and their selftitled 1991 debut remains a classic Opening with the exquisite midtempo anthem 'Belfast' and containing the 'Chime' 'Satan' and 'Fahrenheit 303' singles this album captures the innocence and energy of the nascent rave scene

  • 1. The Moebius
    2. Speedfreak
    3. Oolaa
    4. Desert Storm
    5. Farenheit 303
    6. Steel Cube Idolatry
    7. High Rise
    8. Chime (Live)
    9. Midnight (Live)
    10. Belfast
    11. I Think it's Disgusting

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