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Punk Hardcore back in stock on 150 gram vinyl with a download card for fugazi's second fulllength release the band unleashed a fierce set that expanded on the strongest elements of '13 songs' the ominous slowly building opener 'turnover' gets things off to a guitarheavy start and other thrillingly aggressive tunes include the grooveladen title track and the punky lurching 'breakin' this restless energy carries over into fugazi's lyrics as sung by cofrontmen ian mackaye and or guy piccotto which hit with the subtlety of a sledgehammer as exemplified on 'merchandise' you are not what you own and 'greed' you wanted everythingyou needed everything this is where the quartet solidified its welldocumented antiestablishment reputation 'repeater' is also notable for its two instrumentals the highly rhythmic 'brendan 1' named after drummer brendan canty and the almost jazzy 'joe 1' named after bassist joe lally based on these excellent tracks it's no surprise that subsequent fugazi albums consistently featured an instrumental or two with each one showcasing the group's remarkable sense of unity melody and invention

  • 1. Turnover
    2. Repeater
    3. Brendan #1
    4. Merchandise
    5. Blueprint
    6. Sieve-Fisted Find
    7. Greed
    8. Two Beats Off
    9. Styrofoam
    10. Reprovisional
    11. Shut the Door

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