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  • 0825646087280Long Player  £15.00Expected 11th September 2015

Primal Scream

Sonic Flower Groove

British European 180 Gram Vinyl 1991 debut album rom the Primals finds them lost in a world of Byrdsstyle jangle guitars and Velvets influenced violin hooks simple pop songs sung in Bobby's very own tunelessyetperfect vocal style includes the singles 'Gentle Tuesday' and 'Imperial' plus the superb 'Loves You' and 'Aftermath'

  • 1. Gentle Tuesday
    2. Treasure Trip
    3. May The Sun Shine Bright For You
    4. Sonic Sister Love
    5. Silent Spring
    6. Imperial
    7. Love You
    8. Leaves
    9. Aftermath
    10. We Go Down Slowly Rising

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