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  • WIGCD341CD  £10.00Expected 25th September 2015

  • WIGLP341XLong Player  £20.00Expected 25th September 2015

    Comes with limited edition large photo-print.

  • WIGLP341Long Player  £18.00Expected 25th September 2015


Julia Holter

Have You In My Wilderness

Have You in My Wilderness was written from the heart – warm, dark and raw – and explores love, trust, and power in human relationships. While love songs are familiar in pop music, Holter manages to stay fascinatingly oblique and enigmatic, with some of the most sublime and transcendent music she has ever written. Like Holter’s previous albums, Have You in My Wilderness is multi-layered and texturally rich, featuring an array of electronic and acoustic instruments played by an ensemble of gifted Los Angeles musicians.

Have You in My Wilderness is also Holter’s most sonically intimate album, with her vocals front and centre in the mix, lifted out of the layers of smeared, hazy effects. The result is striking: clear and vivid, but disarmingly personal.

  • 1. Feel You
    2. Silhouette
    3. How Long?
    4. Lucette Stranded On The Island
    5. Sea Calls Me Home
    6. Night Song
    7. Everytime Boots
    8. Betsy On The Roof
    9. Vasquez
    10. Have You In My Wilderness

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