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Turn on the bright lights

America Canada combining the insistent drone of joy division with the dreamy melodies of the chameleons the fire of mission of burma and an occasional jagged edge a la the fall the foursome inconceivably manage to defy anachronism on their debut fulllength 'turn on the bright lights' just how they do it is indefinable perhaps it's just a trick of the light or the life that breathes gloomily radiantly throughout but it's undeniable vocals which fall somewhere between ian curtis's plaintive edgeofoblivion wail and the winking laconic drawl of james's tim booth ripping uncompromisingly through unpredictable unforgettable lamentations from the reflective 'nyc' to the imploring 'pda' when the darkly etched implosive mournful lyrics poke out as they do on the unrelenting 'obstacle 1' she puts the weights into my little heart and she gets in my room and she tears it apart the hook is set for an important debut by a band that portends to be around a while

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