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Meat Puppets


America Canada the legendary meat puppets release their new album 'lollipop' on megaforce records recorded at spoon's hifi studios in austin texas the album features the indelible kirkwood brothers cris and curt also new to this album is the addition of drummer shandon sahm son of the legendary doug sahm 'lollipop' is chock full of tunes that run the stylistic gamut case in point the opening keyboardlaced 'incomplete' that curt wrote back in 1983 and envisioned as something that i thought would be good for elvis or engelbert humperdinck in the '60s and the rocking 'hour of the idiot' to the sunny ska of 'shave it' and such acoustic country ditties as 'baby don't' and 'the spider and the spaceship'

  • 1. Incomplete
    2. Orange
    3. Shave It
    4. Baby Don't
    5. Hour Of The Idiot
    6. Lantern
    7. Town
    8. Damn thing
    9. Amazing
    10. Way That It Are
    11. Vile
    12. The Spider And The Spaceship