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The Original Faces

America Canada A couple years ago Grouper's Liz Harris released one single by her dreampop band Helen The band also featuring Jed Bindeman of Eternal Tapestry and Scott Simmons and someone named Helen credited with back up vocals now release their debut album 'The Original Faces' via Kranky The album was recorded over the span of several years in Portland Originally started with the intention of being a thrash band it turned into something else entirely 'The Original Faces' was recorded over a period of several years in Portland by the band members their friends Nick Chris and largely Justin Higgins Written together some songs based on Liz and ScottE¼s demos

  • 1. Ryder
    2. Motorcycle
    3. Covered in Shade
    4. Felt This Way
    5. Pass Me By
    6. Right Outside
    7. Allison
    8. Dying All the Time
    9. Grace
    10. City Breathing
    11. Violet

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