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Tangerine Dream


180 gram gatefold vinyl reissue widely considered one of tangerine dream's masterworks fallout from the sonic phenomenon that is 'phaedra' can still be found lingering in the ambient movement of the early '90s and in much of contemporary electronica the aural architecture that the band built from scratch remains unparalleled tangerine dream was truly ahead of its time the four epiclength tracks on 'phaedra' revealed a band that fully understood and loved to manipulate the complex array of knobs dials and switches that protruded from their synthesizer facadesthe title track is an almost spooky exercise in synth sequencer tension and dynamics while eerie atmospheres of mellotron go head to head with spiraling moogs dense humming sequencer webs percolate along the surface motile and mobile the album's closer 'sequent c' leaves the listener breathless as black electronic clouds form and dissipate and the surrounding space becomes corporeal sound 'phaedra' remains one of the seminal recordings of the electronic movement and stands up even years later as an original stunning piece of music

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