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  • NOT2LP1792 x Long Player  £7.00

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Various Artists

The History Of Bluebeat - The Birth Of Ska BB76 - BB100

The A-sides of superlative ska/reggae label Bluebeat’s singles from 1962. In a seven year life span Bluebeat released over 400 singles that represent a treasure trove of reggae classics and oddities. Derrick Morgan, a founding father of ska if ever there was one is present along with a just starting out Jimmy Cliff and a prolific
Eric ‘Monty’ Morris. A must have for any fans of Reggae/Ska but there is something for all music fans in this 25 track set.

  • LP1 Side1
    1. Sunday Monday - Derrick Morgan
    2. Spanish Town Twist - Bobby Kingdom & The Blue Beats
    3. I'm sorry - Jimmy Cliff Cavaliers Combo
    4. Twist Around Town - Girl Satchmo & The Blue Beats
    5. Babylon Gone - Winston & Roy With Count Ossie
    6. Sinners Repent And Pray - Eric Morris Busters Group
    7. Don't You Know Little Girl - Derrick Morgan With Busters Group
    LP1 Side 2
    1. Money Can't Buy Life - Eric Morris Busters Group
    2. Back To New Orleans - Laurel Aitken The Blue Beats 3. Come On Over - Derrick Morgan Busters Group
    4. Bad Bad Woman - Errol Dixon & His Back Beats
    5. Walking Down King Street - Theo Beckford
    6. I'm Going Home -
    Lloyd Flowers With Reco's Rhythm Group
    LP2 Side1
    1. Are You Mine - The Echoes Celestials
    2. Guilty Convict - Rupert Edwards
    3. Millie Girl - Owen Grey Busters Group
    4. Evening Train - Clive Bailey Recho's Blues Group 5. Never Never - Bobby Aitken Buster Group
    6. Meekly Wait - Derrick Morgan & Yvonne
    LP2 Side 2
    1. How Can I Be Sure - Higgs And Wilson
    2. Sit And Cry - Owen & Millie with The City Slickers 3. Love Not To Brag -
    Derrick & Patsy with The Drumbago All Stars 4. Daddy - Kent & Jeanie & The City Slickers
    5. Good Morning - Lloyd Clark Smithie's Sextet 6. In My Heart - Derrick Morgan

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