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  • SCEB923LPLong Player  £26.00

Piero Umiliani

Il Corpo

Soundtracks Il corpo is the last one of Luigi Scattini's trilogy which started with La ragazza dalla pelle di luna 1972 and then continued with La ragazza fuoristrada 1973 Umiliani's music privileges jazz and funky moods dominated by the Hammond organ and wah wah alternated with languid and almost sleazy instrumental ballads This soundtrack finds its strength in melancholy but also in drama and tension

  • 1. Hard Times
    2. Free Life
    3. Stream
    4. Princess
    5. The Body
    6. Desert Island
    7. Dusken
    8. Chaser
    9. Tidal Stream
    10. White Sand
    11. In The End
    12. Princess
    13. The Body
    14. Desert Island / Alternative Takes:
    15. Free Life (vocal)
    16. Stream (alternative)
    17. Princess (alternative)
    18. In The Village
    19. Savana
    20. Stream (alternative intro)
    21. In The End (instrumental)

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