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  • POPPYLP024Long Player  £10.00

Sun Ra

The Nubians Of Plutonia

Jazz The second part of PoppyDisc's ongoing series of the genius of Sun Ra on vinylThe Arkestra moves into ever looser more abstract ground as the percussion becomes more varied and moves ever closer Ra then sets up a dark melodic theme while the Arkestra weaves a series of jaunty bluestinged solos into the groove 'Nubia' 'Africa' and 'Aiethopia' continue this excursion into a mystical rhythmbased territory The Arkestra utilizes the same ominous simmering percussion beds now augmented by more exotic instruments like Pat Patrick's 'space lute' which gives a playfully sinister sound to 'Africa' This powerful multifaceted music is a great place to start if you are just beginning to travel with Sun Ra or indeed a great way to continue the journey

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