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British European Holograma is the recording project of Fancisco Borja an electronic musician from Granade Spain After selfreleasing a slew on online albums EPs amp handmade CDRs Waves marks his debut to the vinyl format Borja performs amp records the majority of everything himself using synths drum machines amp whatever odds amp ends he can scrape together to orchestrate HolA#grama's sound The tone is set straight away My Bicycle opens the album with the steady pulse of a drum machine pumping digital blood into the beating heart of the record Soon it 's joined by Borja's keyboard amp bass aliging a mezmerizing hum that carries through the last track Keyboards drift in and out alongside Borja's ghostly voice hearkening back to the stark reverberations of Vega amp Rev but with a more positive hopeful vibe tinged with a whisper of melancholy In Your Head closes out the ASide with it 's cr ystalline keyboard twinkles that ease up to it 's cathartic beginning as the music drops in and Borja's voice echoes across the landscape The key track is the 9minute Pink Sky which bops along with a jaunty keyboard line until a deafening scree of guitar courtesy of Carlos Alcantara divebombsinto the mix rippling into a psychedlic maelstrom alongside Borja's synthesized oscillations.

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