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Nohelani Cypriano


Soul Funk Riding high on the crest of the global love for Hawaiian 'Island Funk' Be With Records team up with Aloha Got Soul to present a timely vinyl reissue of Nohelani Cypriano's Nohelani Sure to be one of the year's essential reissues the album's irresistible blend of tropicaltinted soul funk and rare groove sounds every bit as fresh today as it would've in 1979 Perhaps the most soughtafter record of its type locating a vinyl copy of 'Nohelani' would previously have set you back a small fortune Her records are something of a Balearic holy grail with this album the holiest of the lot Original copies are in such short supply trading for upwards of A£100 on secondary markets it's easy to see why news of this first ever reissue has been welcomed by so many A record to surrender to in full rather than consume in pieces it pivots around centrepiece 'Island Boy' A record of many colours the LP is at once spacedout boogie and sweet soul The legendary 'Lihue' is worth the entry fee alone A gloriously carefree showcase of a uniquely Hawaiian musical hybrid this reissue provides a vital reminder of just how beautiful and important Nohelani is This release is officially licensed and has been lovingly mastered for vinyl by Simon Francis Claremont 56 mastering engineer It has been pressed on audiophile 180gram vinyl for the first time and features the original artwork

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