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Frank Turner

The Second Three Years

Frank Turner to put out another compilation of unreleased tracks, demos, and covers called “The Second Three Years” through UK label Xtra Mile Recordings. He writes:

In a development that has slightly blown my mind and left me checking diaries, asking random strangers who the president is and so on, it seems like the time has rolled around for the Second Three Years. With the good folks at Xtra Mile Recordings, I’ve put together a 23-track collection of songs that didn’t make the last two albums, including unreleased songs, reworkings and covers.

  • 1. Sailor’s Boots
    2. Pass It Along
    3. Rock & Roll Romance
    4. To Absent Friends
    5. The Next Round
    6. Song For Eva Mae
    7. Wanderlust
    8. Balthazar Impresario
    9. Mr Richards
    10. Song To Bob
    11. Thunder Road
    12. Sally
    13. Barbara Allen
    14. The Quiet One
    15. Build Me Up Buttercup
    16. Linoleum
    17. The Slow Train
    18. The Greatest Day
    19. My Poor Friend Me
    20. On A Plain
    21. Father’s Day
    22. Last Christmas

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