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Dough Rollers

Gone Baby Gone

America Canada The Dough Rollers formed in 2009 when Malcolm Ford and Jack Byrne first decided to put their passion for American roots music to work by trying their hand at earnest neorevivalism But of course after three years of touring and the addition of Josh Barocas on bass and Kyle Olson on drums their sound evolved loosening snarkening and darkening These days in large part to Ford's hellbent hollering our boys occupy the sometimes salty sometimes sweet spot smack dab in between rock and soul They've toured with the likes of John Fogherty Bob Dylan and Queens of the Stone Age which one way or another led them to Nashville in 2013 to record a 7'' vinyl single for the Blue Series The result was one of the finest guitar explosions Third Man ever pressed on wax and a pivotal entry in their discography Their latest effort 'Gone Baby Gone' was recorded with Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme producing and their swampy new swagger fully realized It's the work of band that after all this time and effort understands their place in the American rock scene