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House Of Spirits

Holding On/Keep Holding On

Though Tom Noble is best known as a crate-digger and creator of disco edits, his original productions are every bit as enjoyable as his deep DJ sets. There's a wonderfully fast and loose feel to "Holding On," a gleaming disco tune where vibrant strings, guitar licks, gospel vocals and shimmering synths swirl. A rich bassline groove acts as ballast for all the melodic activity. While none of this sounds especially contemporary—indeed, "Holding On" would be right at home alongside Noble's enviable selection of disco cuts—it is irresistible.

Aaron Coyes of Peaking Lights' extended dub version is just as enjoyable. Swathing the track in echo and reverb, Coyes reduces the vocals to snippets and foregrounds the percussion and gorgeous synth bleeps and accents. His remix is surreal and hazy, a perfect spaced-out foil to the ecstasy of the original.

  • 1. Holding On
    2. Keep Holding On (Peaking Lights Dub)