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Universal / Island

PJ Harvey

Let England Shake

British European polly jean harvey releases her eighth album on valentine's day which was partly recorded in a church in her home county of dorset harvey has shifted from 'white chalk's gaunt piano ballads to a broader sound that is no less feverish and close to the bone imagine a minimalist take on her debut album 'dry's folkblues tilt all urgent and wiry rhythm it's recorded mostly live with multiinstrumental support from the longserving john parrish and former bad seed mick harvey but there are subtle additions the signature horse 'n' hounds bugle leading the hunt is woven into a shifty 'the glorious land' the bulgarian women's choral wail on the otherwise skeletal 'england'

  • 1. Let England Shake
    2. The Last Living Rose
    3. The Glorious Land
    4. The Words That Maketh Murder
    5. All & Everyone
    6. On Battleship Hill
    7. England
    8. In The Dark Places
    9. Bitter Branches
    10. Hanging In The Wire
    11. Written On The Forehead
    12. The Colour Of The Earth

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